Sunday, July 3, 2016

Scrambled Omelets - Sunday Breakfast

This morning we awoke to a bright and sunny, as well as hot and muggy, morning. Before we started running errands, I decided that a big Sunday breakfast was in order. I debated whether to make omelets or scrambled eggs. Because I had a couple of beautiful red bell peppers and Vidalia onions to use, I decided to do the only logical thing...and make "scrambled omelets". LOL. Rather than make 3 separate omelets, I made one skillet of "scrambled omelets" for all to share.

I sauteed diced red bell peppers and diced Vidalia onions in a generous tablespoon of olive oil until softened and caramelized. I added a pat of butter to the skillet and then poured in 8 beaten eggs and mixed everything together with a rubber spatula. While the eggs were cooking, I diced up some of my favorite 3-Alarm Spicy Pepper Colby Jack Cheese and added it to the eggs, mixing it together as they cooked. It was the perfect combination of sweet peppers and Vidalia onions with spicy cheese. In another skillet I cooked up some bacon and reheated leftover oven roasted red potatoes in another skillet for the guys to eat. I made a batch of my quick and easy Mini Cheddar Bay Muffins to serve along with our breakfast. It was a great way to begin the day and is sure to hold us over until dinnertime. I snapped a few photos below. Enjoy!