Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Brunch - Easy Low Carb

This morning we slept in. It's bright and sunny out and we're "still" decorating and working around the house today and will do a bit of shopping later this evening after the crowds have calmed down a bit. I made hubby and I a nice Saturday brunch of cheesy scrambled eggs with diced Cabot pepper jack cheese and shredded sharp cheddar cheese with turkey sausage links. I split one of my Mini Cranberry Walnut Loaves in half and browned the cut side in melted butter in a skillet, similar to how you do when making a grilled cheese sandwich. It was so much better than simply toasting and then spreading with butter because grilling it in the skillet helped the butter permeate the bread while it got nice and toasty brown in the skillet. I topped it with fresh cranberry sauce "jam" while I ate it. I served it with nice strong mug of Three Continents Blend coffee. It was a nice hearty low carb breakfast that will carry us through till dinner time this evening. I snapped a couple quick photos below. Enjoy!


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