Friday, June 27, 2014

Farm Fresh Tomato Frittata w/ Cheddar Biscuits - Low Carb Breakfast for Dinner

I am so glad it's finally Friday. It's been a particularly hot and humid week here. This evening I am on my own for dinner. Hubby is out of town this evening and all day tomorrow attending a meeting. I'm on my own until later tomorrow night. Yesterday, he brought home a big bag of assorted fresh tomatoes and cucumbers that someone at his work so generously shared with him. They also brought him 1 dozen large farm fresh eggs as well! The tomatoes were so beautiful. As I placed them into a colander to rinse off, it looked like a rainbow with all of the colors. I immediately knew exactly what I was going to make first with them. I planned to make a frittata loaded with fresh tomatoes, onions and mushrooms...something that I knew hubby would not be interested in because of the onions and mushrooms (he thinks he's allergic to them which I translate into he thinks they are yucky). I figured that would be the perfect dish to make just for ME while he wasn't home . 

I started working on my dinner as soon as I got home. I began by making a batch (actually a half batch) of my Black Pepper Cheddar Biscuits which are one of my favorites. I swapped out the cream for buttermilk in tonight's biscuits since I had some that needed to be used. While the biscuits baked, I sliced fresh mushrooms and onions and cut up an assortment of the fresh tomatoes. I sauteed the onions in a bit of olive oil, tossed in the mushrooms and cooked until the onions were softened and the liquid had evaporated from the mushrooms. I tossed a mound of fresh tomatoes into the skillet and sauteed very lightly, then tossed in a bit of diced pepperoni for added flavor. I beat 4 of the large farm fresh eggs together with a splash of cream, pinch of salt and pepper. I sprinkled a few tablespoons of finely grated Parmesan on top of the sauteed veggies in the skillet and topped with a bit of shredded cheddar cheese and then poured the beaten eggs on top just until the veggies were covered. I cooked it on the stove top for a few minutes to cook a bit and then popped the ovenproof skillet into the oven and baked it at 350 degrees until puffed up and golden brown (about 15 minutes). I ran it under the broiler for a few minutes to get nice and bubbly before removing from the oven. I served myself a nice large wedge of my tomato frittata along with warm cheddar biscuits. 

It was unbelievably good and the sweetness of the fresh ripe tomatoes was outstanding. The best part about having this for dinner tonight is that I get to enjoy the frittata and biscuits again for breakfast tomorrow morning! I snapped a few photos of my gorgeous summer fresh tomato frittata below. Enjoy!



Sylvia said...

Hi Ayla,
Well this evening I made your Cheddar Pepper Cheese Biscuits. They were fantastic!! Even my 83 year old mother (who is resisting being wheat free) asked for a second. Now that's a compliment, right?

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Sylvia,

Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed the biscuits but even more pleased that you Mom enjoyed them too...particularly since she is resisting being wheat free. That's the best part...when you see the non-grain free folks enjoying them too! I consider that a HUGE compliment! :-)