Saturday, January 3, 2015

Seared Salmon & Warm Slaw - Easy Low Carb

Today was an extremely dark and nasty rainy day. We had planned to run errands this afternoon but we just couldn't get ourselves motivated enough to go out into the nasty weather so we just stayed home all day. I had originally planned to pick something up to prepare for dinner while we were out...but since we never made it out of the house, I had to use what we had on hand (and what wasn't frozen). 

I still had a couple pieces of salmon in the fridge that I didn't cook last night, so I decided to go ahead and fix salmon again (I never seem to get tired of eating salmon). I lightly seasoned it with salt and pepper and then set it aside. I had half of a head of green cabbage and part of a small head of red cabbage in the fridge. I enjoyed last night's meal so much that I decided to make something similar. I sliced and sauteed the green and red cabbage along with some sliced onion in my wok in a bit of olive oil and then covered it so it would lightly steam while it cooked. After it was tender-crisp, I seasoned it with a bit of sea salt, a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a sliced green onion and tossed it around a bit before transferring the hot slaw to a bowl. I added a little more oil to the wok and then cooked the salmon over medium high heat (covered) about 3 minutes on each side. Covering the wok helps it steam and sear at the same time and also helps it cook more quickly. I placed the salmon on a bed of warm "slaw." I snapped a couple photos below. Enjoy!


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