Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Tuesday and Mama Mia Welcomes you to her Pizzeria...Etc.

Well, last night we finished up the leftover Kung Pao Chicken from Saturday's dinner...so tonight it's time to cook dinner again.  I gave my husband a choice for dinner and told him it would be....Chicken Stroganoff or Pizza....can you guess which one he chose???  PIZZZZZZZZA....this guy loves his pizza.  One of my Christmas gifts from him this past year was a pizza stone.  I've always wanted one and he surprised me with it.  I feel kind of bad that it is February and I am just now getting around to trying it out for the first time though...better late than never, right? 

One of my goals this year is to make my own pizza dough from scratch and I plan to do that in the very near future....but since I am trying out my pizza stone for the first time and it's a work night, I decided to use Publix's pizza dough that they make fresh daily in their bakery.  I figure that way, if it doesn't turn out good I will know that my pizza dough wasn't the culprit....we will just blame it on the pizza stone!  ;-)  Unfortunately, he and I don't like the same toppings.  No worries though...since this is a large pizza, I decided to make it 1/2 his and 1/2 mine.  He has his favorite trio of toppings...Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and lots of pepperoni.  I have red and orange bell peppers and onions (lightly sauteed) and tiny little turkey pepperoni.  I usually go strictly veggie on my pizza but decided to step out of the box tonight!

My oven timer is beeping...it's time to go and check out my pizza!  A couple more minutes and I will pull it out...it smells wonderful....like our own little pizzeria.  The ball of fresh pizza dough from Publix costs $1.99 and makes a large 16" pie....add the $1.39 for the sauce and another several dollars for the cheese and toppings and we have a HUGE pizza loaded with our favorite toppings for about $7.00...which makes it taste even BETTER!  I cut each of our halves into 3 large pieces.  I had one slice for dinner and he had two slices.  We still have 1/2 of a pizza left for tomorrow.  Below are a few pics I took along the way of tonight's journey into pizza-ville...Enjoy and welcome to my pizzeria...
Check out my pizza stone
It takes up most of my oven...it's huge!
Thanks for the dough Publix
Got it rolled out and onto the stone
So cheesy
Ready to pop in the oven
The baking begins
Cooked to perfection
Looks good, huh?
The great divide...
A little "pepperoni perspective"...aren't my little guys way cuter???
Well, I would consider my first "pizza stone experience" a good one!  Can't wait to try making my own dough next time.  Awesome!

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