Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Morning's Splash of Color...

Well, it is a frosty Saturday morning got down to 20 last night and even though it is a bright and sunny morning, it is only up to 37 at 11:00 and our high is supposed to be 43.  The wind is blustery and whipping scared our little Bichon, Spike who thought the leaves were chasing him as they swirled around in circles on the patio.

Our usual Saturday morning routine involves going out for a bagel or coffee before running our errands for the weekend...but with the wind howling outside and the frigid temps, I decided this might be a good day to hang out a bit longer in p.j.'s and enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast at home.

I remembered I had a bowl of leftover chopped veggies in the fridge (red and orange bell peppers and onions) from making pizzas earlier in the week and thought I would quickly saute them and make a delicious and colorful omelette (sort of a Spanish style omelette).  I used Eggbeaters for the omelette.  Served with a side of whole wheat toast and a cup of Donut Shop coffee and I had an amazing breakfast in my p.j.'s on this frigid February morning.

Veggies left over from this week's pizza night
Sauteed and folded into an omelette with a light sprinkle of sharp cheddar cheese
Served alongside whole wheat toast and a cup of coffee
The perfect bite...
Here...look a little closer.  Who said Eggbeaters had to be boring?
What a fantastic way to start this cold blustery day...and I've already managed to sneak in a serving of veggies...yeah!  Eggbeaters definitely don't have to be boring...they can be as exciting as you want them to be!

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