Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chicken-Broccoli-Tomato Tortellini Alfredo

Today was a lazy Saturday here -- I was thinking about making stuffed cabbage for dinner, but I never made it out to the store to get the I put together a quick Chicken-Broccoli-Tomato Tortellini Alfredo.  It was easy and good.  I cooked a bag of frozen cheese tortellini (it only took 2 minutes to boil), steamed some fresh broccoli (took about 4 minutes), diced a couple Roma tomatoes and then diced and sauteed a couple of boneless chicken breasts in a little olive oil and then tossed it all together with a jar of Classico Poblano Pepper Alfredo sauce.  It took less than 30 minutes to put together from start to finish.  I served it with a loaf of hot crusty French bread.

Love the colors
Here is another angle...I love the fresh veggies and makes the dish!
It was as good as it looks and so simple to throw together which is a great combination!

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