Thursday, June 19, 2014

Oven Roasted Copper River Wild Salmon & Oven Roasted Asparagus

This evening has been a busy one. As many of you know, we are in the process of a kitchen renovation project. We were on schedule for our granite installation, new sink and faucet to be installed at the end of next week. I was surprised (blindsided) this morning when our granite installer sent me an email and said they had to come do the template TODAY! So, I scrambled home at lunch time to get started clearing out my kitchen and then left a little early this afternoon to get home and finish removing EVERYTHING from my kitchen counters. don't know how much is on your kitchen counters until you go to remove it try to find a spot to quickly offload it. 

It took them a couple of hours to do the template and it almost came to a halt when it looked like the sink I purchased was not going to work in my sink cabinet. They are going to do some modifications to make it work...I just hope it will leave our plumber enough room to install our faucet. Instead of next counters are now rescheduled to be installed Monday. This means my kitchen will go down for a couple of days before we get our water, sink and dishwasher connected. Guess I'll be busy this weekend making sandwich buns, bread, etc. so we can make quick meals for a couple of days. Don't want to dirty up too many dishes if we don't have a sink or dishwasher to wash them. Since I got so engrossed in "Sprouts" last night...I posted my new bread recipe late last night...and didn't get to post last night's meal. Since our granite man didn't leave until after 8:00 this evening, I just made some quick scrambled eggs, toast and fresh strawberries for dinner. The eggs were unusually special because I got to enjoy them with TOAST! I lightly toasted some of my grain-free bread and spread Kerrygold on to melt in. It was so good. I snapped a few photos of last night's salmon and asparagus that I didn't have time to post along with a quick photo of tonight's quickie dinner. Enjoy!

Oven roasted wild salmon...roasted with sliced lemons, butter, sea salt and pepper (salmon and lemons, courtesy of Costco)
Fresh roasted asparagus (courtesy of Sprouts)...tossed with macadamia nut oil, sea salt and pepper
Tomatoes...courtesy of my patio garden
REAL Bread...try it; you'll like it!



CyberSis said...


WOW ... you're in the thick of it, aren't you! A rather rude awakening, but now at least it's underway.

I'll have to check out Sprouts sometime ... but then again, I really don't need any additional "rabbit holes" to go down! :-)

Beautiful salmon dinner! Gorgeous pix!

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi CyberSis,

Yes...I'd say we are definitely in the thick of it. I'm just hoping they don't cut the granite to accommodate my new sink only to not be able to install it. They said they've had these issues I am counting on having it work out! The next piece of salmon is being reserved to test on the grill! I did follow your lead though and kept it simple with lemon and butter...hubby said he liked it best that way! Who knew??? Mr. not too wild about fish loved it! ;-)

CyberSis said...


We had ours oven roasted today ... awesome! I'll put stuff on "regular" salmon, but Copper River I like to keep simple. Glad you and your hubby enjoyed your salmon with lemon and butter. Now, I hope Blogger will post this ... it's being difficult tonight!