Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cinnamon Vanilla Yogurt Topped with Low Carb "Granola & Fruit"

This morning I was anxious to try one of the new items I picked up at Whole Foods yesterday afternoon. I found a bag of something called "noGRAINola" which is both low carb and "no sugar added." It contains very few ingredients; just organic coconut, prunes, almonds, carrots, stevia, and Himalayan sea salt. It's nice chunky clusters of crispiness and not overly sweet. When I tasted it last night, I knew it would be something I'd like to top my yogurt with.

I mixed my little container of Fage Greek Yogurt with Ceylon cinnamon, a couple drops of vanilla extract and stevia. I scooped it into a little mini-trifle bowl (because after all, this is not plain weekday's special weekend yogurt...LOL). I topped my cinnamon vanilla yogurt with my "granola" and a little bit of the no sugar added dried fruit by "Made in Nature" (their Antioxidant Fusion blend I get from Costco to use in my Power Bagel recipe). It was a great combination and a nice "autumn topping blend" to enjoy on this cool October morning. I would definitely buy this no-grain granola product again. I enjoyed it alongside a big mug of my new favorite coffee, Classico by Lavazza (Italy's favorite coffee, they claim). I can't speak for Italy...but I can say it is definitely one of my favorites. I snapped a few photos of easy breakfast below. Enjoy!


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