Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lasagna Pie - Low Carb & Gluten Free

We enjoyed a nice chilly fall day here today. It was 39 degrees when we got up this morning and tomorrow morning it's supposed to be only 37 degrees before warming up to the mid 60s. This evening only one of my sons came for dinner (we had dinner with all three of the kids last night). I decided to make lasagna using my grain free tortilla/noodles. They are the best thing since sliced bread. No, they are actually BETTER than sliced bread, particularly for us low carbers who still like to enjoy traditional style lasagna.

Now, having said that, I also absolutely love lasagna made with zucchini noodles, yellow squash noodles or eggplant noodles. But sometimes, you just want the real deal and these grain free tortillas make perfect lasagna noodles as well as a host of other amazing uses. The very first time I made lasagna using them, I didn't say anything to my family members (who are not grain free or low carb), and half way through the meal (actually Christmas eve dinner), I asked if anyone noticed anything different about my lasagna...and NOBODY; I mean NOBODY could tell. Pretty sneaky, huh? So, I can say with confidence that these have been "Christmas eve dinner tested" and that is the most scientific method of testing that I know! LOL Trust me, if this were to have gone the other direction (as in not great)...I would NEVER have heard the end of it and really, what mother would intentionally ruin Christmas eve dinner for her family?

When I have a larger group for dinner, I make a huge pan of lasagna with them, but when it is just hubby and me, or a smaller group like tonight, making a "Lasagna Pie" using a round deep dish pie works beautifully. I used Maverick Ranch grass-fed lean ground beef in my meat sauce (so far it's the best grass-fed ground beef that I've found). I love their uncured bacon, too. I've tried a few different local Georgia brands of grass-fed beef and just did not care for them. I also added diced onion, red bell pepper and zucchini to my meat sauce and used Mezzetta's Tomato & Sweet Basil pasta sauce (made with all natural ingredients, no added sugar or other junk). It turned out great! I served it with a big fresh salad. It was the perfect Sunday night dinner! I snapped a few photos below. If you'd like to see how I make and layer my Lasagna Pie (step by step), as well as get the recipe for my "tortilla/noodles"click here: Lasagna Pie. Enjoy!

Topped with fresh Italian parsley and fresh basil


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Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Such a cute story! I have to tell you that every single time our daughter comes home from college, she asks for a pan of your lasagna to be sent back along with the truckload of food I send, lol. She has fed this to several of her college friends and not one of them has even realized that it's not made with regular lasagna noodles!!Thanks again for a great recipe :)

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Andrea,

That's too funny! You sound like me when my kids were in college. I sent all kinds of prepared food back with them as well as groceries. I love that her friends don't realize they aren't regular noodles...that's the best part! So happy you all are enjoying them! You are very welcome. :-)