Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Parmesan Biscuits - Low Carb

This evening we enjoyed leftover Minestrone Soup that I made for dinner last night. It was even better this evening...but what pushed it over the top was my Parmesan Biscuits that I made to go with it. They were so good with this soup and made it extra special. If you've never tried these biscuits before, they are definitely worth trying. I baked them an extra minute or two until nice and golden which made them slightly crisp on the outside and still tender on the inside. Hubby said these biscuits were restaurant quality. You can find the recipe for them here: Parmesan Biscuits. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

So glad to see your new recipes / posts again, Ayla. Equally sorry for the loss of your dear mother. (I'm a member of that "club," even though it happened 30+ years ago.)

I love minestrone, so I have to make this -- as well as your Parmesan Biscuits. I don't have any pesto, so I may just substitute some kale. Hey, even if someone believes that it's not minestrone, who cares? It will be just as delicious, and equally warming (which we need in Pennsylvania, since winter has finally *arrived*).

Thanks for your delicious recipes, GGC!

With appreciation,
Sharon B.

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Thank you Sharon. I think kale would be a great addition. I considered adding it myself. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again for the kind remarks.