Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter - Chicken Divan: Wheat, Grain & Gluten Free

I hope you had a Happy Easter today. It was a busy weekend. Yesterday I did all of my Easter dinner shopping and started the prep for my Chicken Divan which is what we typically have for Easter; it's a family favorite. Several years ago, I made a grain and gluten free version of the traditional recipe that we have eaten since I was a child and that my kids grew up enjoying. I created a wheat free version of cream of chicken soup years back and then substitute almond flour and butter and sometimes some finely grated Parmesan in place of the buttered bread crumb topping. Yesterday afternoon I cooked lots of chicken breast and steamed lots of fresh broccoli and prepared the cream of chicken soup. I actually made 2 large casseroles and one smaller one so that everyone could take home leftovers to eat for a few days. I assembled the casseroles today. My family likes to eat theirs over rice. I had my first big flop this afternoon when cooking the jasmine rice of all things! I don't make rice that often any more but you'd think it's 2 ingredients...rice and water so how could anyone screw it up, right? Well, trust me when I tell you that when you add 12 cups of water when you should have only added 6 cups to the rice is one of the best ways to insure a total fail. Yup...a big pot of paste. Luckily we have a Chinese restaurant nearby that I sent hubby to so he could pick up a few cartons of steamed rice. I don't think I've ever messed up rice before...but there's a first time for everything! LOL I snapped a few photos of our meal below. If Chicken Divan is one of your old favorites and you want to enjoy it...try my version. It's delicious. I snapped a few photos below. You can get to the recipe here:  Chicken Divan - Wheat, Grain & Gluten Free. Enjoy!



Charlotte Moore said...

Now that is LOTS of chicken. HA!! Looks very tasty with the cheese.

BarbP said...

Hello Ayla! Wonderful to see you are back in the saddle, as you know I make a lot of your wonderful recipes :)
I laughed over your failed rice, because I, too, recently messed up on rice, and I decided that’s what happens when we’re out of practice. But honestly, you really didn’t have to publicly admit it!
I look forward to trying your chicken divan - I have made it for a few years now using your fabulous cream sauce recipe, just poured over the chicken and broccoli and baked a bit. It’s wonderful for a quick meal. This new way is more involved but I’ll bet it is delicious.
Many thanks for another winner! - BarbP

CyberSis said...


LOL! I thought you were going to say that you made cauliflower rice in a pinch and everyone marveled at how *delicious* it was. ;-)