Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I love Fage...and other random stuff...

This evening, on my way home from work, I stopped at Publix to pick up more of my favorite weekday breakfast...Fage 2% Plain Greek Yogurt....I like to add a dash of cinnamon, a splash of vanilla and a few drops of stevia and I am good to go until lunch!  It is full of protein and calcium and it is a quick, healthy meal for me to grab in the mornings before work.  I am not much of a morning person....never have been...and obviously never will Fage just works well for me early in the morning!  Now, before I show you what I came back home have to first understand one was on SALE!!!  

Did I mention how much I love a good sale???  Who doesn't, right?  :-)  

Please forgive me in advance if what you see below literally shocks your pants goes.....BRACE YOURSELVES...YOU'VE BEEN WARNED...

Welllllllllll???  Are your pants still on, or did I actually manage to shock them off of you?  Heeheehee! --  If you haven't already done the math...I'll go ahead and do it for you....if you counted 17....then you are CORRECTOMUNDO!!!!!!!!!!!  Considering I already had 3 in the fridge (bringing the total on hand to 20 after adding those 3 in to the stack to be photographed), I am set for weekday breakfasts for a month now...AWESOME!  ;-)

Okay, enough of this yogurt talk....while browsing around Publix I stumbled on some of the cutest little potatoes in town....little tiny gems called "Honey Golds"....and of course, they were so photogenic I just had to take their portrait before cooking and eating them for dinner!  So go ahead...take a peek and tell me....aren't they the cutest little devils you've ever seen?

Boiled and season to perfection...with sea salt, cracked black pepper and parsley...and just a smidge of butter....I swear it wasn't a stick (for all of you Paula Deen haters out there)!

Served those little suckers with baked chicken tenders and baked onion rings.  Where is the "green" on the plate you ask?  Click on the photo above, and look a little closer and you will see the parsley on the potatoes!  This is our "casual food" night...kind of like eating fast food out but not nearly as bad for you and it was all made at home!

***Disclaimer:  Everything on this plate was either baked or boiled  :-)


Anonymous said...

Those are cute little potatoes. Were the bagged or loose???? What kind of potato were they????

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

They are cute, aren't they! I purchased them bagged and found them at Publix. They are very thin skinned so you don't have to peel them (which in my opinion is a good thing). They only took about 15 minutes or so to boil. They are called "Honey Gold" because of their yellow flesh and this is the actual description I found for them which is spot on: "Honey Gold: Buttery sweet flavor with velvety golden flesh and delicate skin". Here is a link of other unique potatoes that look good too!