Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bagels...Watch out Panera and Einstein Bros -- there's a new bagel in town...and they are mine!

One of my husband's favorite bagel flavors of all time are Cheddar Jalapeno.  We used to get them locally at a local bagel shop that closed a couple of years ago.  Panera sells them but they just aren't the same as the ones we used to get at our little place.  So, I decided that today I would try and make them myself.  This is my first attempt at making bagels so please try not to laugh too hard if they don't look so Panera-ish!  Here we go....getting ready to begin my bagel making journey...first, the ingredients.

After mixing the flour, sugar, salt, oil, yeast, water, cheddar cheese and jalapenos in my KitchenAid mixer...I let my mixer do the required 8 minutes of kneading the dough....I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mixer...really I do!  Next step, turning the beautiful ball of  bagel dough into an greased bowl to rise for 30 minutes.

Beautiful ball of dough
The dough has been shaped into bagels
After the second rising
Isn't it so pretty?
Then you boil the bagels 1 minute on each side

Sprinkle with sharp cheddar cheese & pop into the oven for 25 minutes
And out comes BAGELS...yes....BAGELS
Big cheesy, spicy bagels...
I made 8 HUGE bagels
After they have cooled off, the only thing left is to TASTE them...hey guys, I MADE BAGELS -- yippee!!! 

Once they have passed the "taste test" I will post the recipe...the house smells so good now...can't wait to try them!
They have PASSED the taste test and are divine!!!  (Did you hear that Panera & Einstein's?)

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