Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Morning Mommy-MacMuffins, Etc., Etc.

It is an absolutely gorgeous bright sunny morning here...we haven't seen Mr. Sunshine in the morning in quite some time!  On Saturday mornings, we typically go out for a bagel and coffee breakfast and then run our errands...but this morning it is pretty nippy out (37 degrees) and I just wasn't in the mood to get such an early start.  So, I decided to make some "Mommy-MacMuffins" at home for breakfast instead...they are quick, easy and actually much better than those made over at the golden arches.  I used to make these for my kids when they were little and we called them "Mommy-MacMuffins".  I would typically put sausage on theirs when they were little, but I am not particularly fond of sausage, so I stick to egg & cheese only for mine.

Most of the time I use eggbeaters in mine, but this morning I decided to treat myself to a real egg instead.  I used a toasted Thomas' whole wheat "double fiber" English muffin along with a slice of Colby cheese melted on top of my egg sprinkled with cracked black's doesn't have anything on my muffins!  I paired my Mommy-Mac with a cup of "Donut Shop Coffee" made in my Keurig (did I mention how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Keurig?) and this breakfast was absolute heaven....the best part was I got to eat it in my p.j.'s...and we all know that everything tastes better in your p.j.'s!  This was a great start to my Saturday morning....bring it on!!!

Doesn't get much better than this!!! 
Well, it is now lunch time.  Last night was one of those rare nights where I wasn't in the mood to cook and really not in the mood to eat anything out in particular.  We hemmed and hawed and ended up running out to pick up subs from Publix....I love Publix subs!!!  Why would anyone ever get a Subway sub if they had access to a Publix store and were able to get one of theirs instead....seriously though....hands down, no comparison whatsoever.

Anyway, I got a turkey/lettuce/tomato/mayo sub w/ a few pickles (I always get it on whole wheat, but they were out of whole wheat...and since it was nearly 8:00 pm on a Friday night, I forgave them).  :-)  Hubby got his fave, an Italian sub.  So, we ate 1/2 of our sub for dinner last night and saved the other 1/2 for today's lunch....I love that!  Publix just happened to have their turkey subs on sale this week for $ for $2.50 I had dinner and another $2.50 I had lunch....can't beat that.  Check mine out below....isn't it pretty?
Thanks, Publix deli!

While browsing around Publix while our subs were being made....I stumbled across something that someone I know is going to really like a lot (youngest son).  Oh, and in case you didn't already know this about me, I am such a sucker for the word "new" on anything...big time sucker.  When my kids were little, my eyes continually scanned the grocery shelves for the word "NEW" (it still does)...they were always on the cutting edge of every new product or flavor that came out...they always carried it to school in their lunchbox first!  I like to think it contributed to their academic success too...LOL.  Kind of dorky, I know....but it is what I did and still do.  Check these guys out below....they also had another new flavor, dulce de leches (caramel)...but I picked up this one last night....check it out.

Oh...up above in my breakfast post, I mentioned my favorite coffee, "Donut Shop Coffee", for my Keurig...and part of my "well stocked pantry" means never running out of this coffee either.  I usually have at least 100 or more cups of this flavor "at bay" at all never know when you are going to need that jolt of java and I don't ever want to be caught empty handed (or empty cupped)...LOL.
4 boxes X 24 cups = 96 cups in addition to what I have on my counter!
I mean seriously, who needs Starbucks when you have your own coffee shop right in your own kitchen! There are no 2 flavors the same in my little carousel and my 2-tier rack has additional flavors on the bottom rack as well as different flavors of tea and hot chocolates on the top rack. A true coffee fiend doesn't want to have to drive ANYWHERE for their fix! ;-)

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