Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pizza...It's a "Pepper Palooza"!

Today was most definitely a "Top 10" day here weather wise.  I had originally planned to grill lamb chops for dinner, but got home too late to marinate them sufficiently my back-up plan was PIZZA!!!  I still had lots of the colorful peppers left that I used earlier in the week as well as in this morning's delicious I decided to go with that theme again!  I thinly sliced the cooked Italian chicken sausage left from Thursday night's dinner and sliced the red, orange, yellow and green peppers along with some onions and mini fresh San Marzano tomatoes and sauteed them lightly to put on my pizza.  I shredded some mozzarella cheese...and I was ready to roll!  We ran some errands this afternoon and did our Costco run as well.  Tomorrow will probably be a "work in the yard day" for us (along with some shopping and other errands) -- it is supposed to be another gorgeous day like it was today. I might even wash my car if there's no rain in the forecast for the week.  It always seems to rain the day after I wash it for some reason!  Well, below are a few pictures of my delicious pizza and the recipe for the crust is embedded in the link here --->   Almond-Flax Parmesan Herb Pizza Crust.  Enjoy!  

P.S. -- If you want your crust perfectly flat and smooth, lightly spray a sheet of parchment paper with olive oil spray and place it on top (oiled side down) of the ball of pizza dough centered in the middle of your pizza pan or baking sheet and then use either your hands or a flat edge of something (I used my big container of black pepper -- it's about 10" tall and squared) and press it smooth by swiping it the direction you want the pizza crust to go.  Carefully peel off the parchment paper...and "Voila"...perfectly flat, smooth, thin pizza crust!  I got that tip from one of my regular readers and it works like a charm!  If you don't have parchment paper, a lightly oiled rubber spatula will press it out just fine.





Darlene said...

I enjoy your easy pizza crust recipe. However, I have a problem w/my crust starting to get a little soggy before I've finished eating. Does this ever happen to you? Do you think it would help to flip the crust over before adding the toppings?

Your flowers/bushes are beautiful!

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Darlene! I don't have a problem with my crust being soggy -- when the crust is done baking, it is totally dry and cooked -- is yours fully baked before you top it? Also, are you adding a lot of pizza sauce? I add a very thin layer of sauce and make sure all my toppings are pre-cooked so juices don't cook out and make it soggy. I don't see any harm in flipping the crust -- it wouldn't hurt to try that. I make my crust very thin -- 1/4" or less -- similar to a flat bread. I know some people make theirs thicker. Let me know if you try flipping it and how it turns out. Thanks for the kind comments! :-)

Darlene said...

I didn't pre-cook the peppers/onions, so I'll try that next time & also go lighter on the sauce. Thanks! I'll let you know. :-)

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

I hope that helps Darlene -- the only time I had any problem with that was maybe the first time or 2 I made it and I didn't pre-cook either -- since I pre-cook (especially mushrooms, pepper and onions)...I haven't had that problem. Hope that works for you too! :-)