Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Sunday! A Breakfast fit for the Greek Gods...

Happy Sunday!  It is a surprisingly chilly, overcast morning here and only 57 degrees.  We are supposed to get rain this afternoon, so as soon as we are finished eating our breakfast we are going to get outside and take our walk before it rains.  Looks like it will be long pants and long sleeved shirts for us this morning!  Since we are going to walk shortly, I made myself a quick, simple breakfast of Greek yogurt -- but since it is Sunday, I wanted to make it more special than my regular "weekday yogurt breakfasts".  I flavored about 1 cup of Greek Gods plain full fat yogurt with some cinnamon, stevia drops and vanilla; then I stirred in a few diced strawberries, a spoon of chopped walnuts and raw organic cacao nibs.  The cacao nibs are unsweetened but give a lot of crunch and very deep chocolate cocoa flavor -- for some people, they take some getting used to.  I snapped a couple photos below to show you that having yogurt for breakfast is anything but boring -- and if you like to "chew your breakfast"...just add something in there to chew.  Enjoy!


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