Saturday, April 12, 2014

Steak & Eggs w/ Cheesy Breadsticks - Saturday Brunch

This morning we got up early because hubby had a board meeting to attend. After he got out of the house this morning, I wanted to make myself a good breakfast before I got started with my spring cleaning around the house. As I glanced around in the fridge, I saw opportunity where others might simply see "leftovers". I pulled out the little bit of leftover grilled skirt steak from the Grilled Beef Fajitas w/ Chipotle Lime Marinade that I made a few nights ago. I pulled out the eggs and the tennis ball sized piece of dough leftover from last night's Chicago Style Deep Dish Skillet Pizza

Suddenly it all began to come together...I rolled the little ball of dough out between parchment paper until it was about 3/4-inch thick. I shaped it into a rectangular shape and cut it into sticks to make cheesy breadsticks to go with my breakfast. Since the steak had a southwestern marinade flavor I decided to continue that theme with my eggs. I simply scrambled 2 eggs and cooked them in a tiny bit of coconut oil and added in a slice of Kraft's white cheddar jalapeno cheese. I had the most amazing breakfast compiled mostly of leftover odds and ends! I absolutely love making "something" out of a small amount of leftovers that some might toss out or dread using up (like my hubby)! LOL Because he seems to have such an aversion to leftovers, maybe that's why I've become more creative in revitalizing them. So, while he munches on bagels and other "stuff" at his meeting this morning...I was dining like a queen eating primarily leftovers. 

That leftover little ball of dough from last night's pizza provided me 5 chubby little cheesy breadsticks. I placed 2 on my plate to eat this morning but ended up putting one back because I was too full. I now have 4 breadsticks left to enjoy with my other meals. If you want to make easy breadsticks, this deep dish pizza dough would be great to use -- you could change up the cheese and add cheddar, pepper-jack, etc. To use it for breadsticks, I would chill it for several hours to make it nice and stiff and easy to roll out. Did I mention how much I loooooove leftovers?  :-)  Check out the photos of my delicious "leftover" breakfast! Enjoy!

This is a good way to use any leftover pizza dough -- it's good enough to make the dough simply for these breadsticks -- you can use cheddar cheese or your favorite cheese. 


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