Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lazy Saturday Breakfast - White Cheddar Scrambled Eggs w/ Scallions & Pimentos

This morning hubby and I slept in for a change. It's dark and dreary here today but it made sleeping in late easier. I whipped up a quick and easy breakfast that was so good. I shredded about 1/4 cup of Cabot's Vermont white cheddar cheese, sliced up a large scallion and scrambled a couple of eggs. I sauteed the sliced scallions in a little Kerrygold butter, and added the eggs, white cheddar and a teaspoon of diced pimento (I had an open jar in the fridge) and sauteed a sliced Aidell's Chicken Apple Sausage link in a small skillet. It was quick, easy and absolutely delicious. The white Vermont cheddar is nice and sharp and adds a big punch of flavor, combined with the delicate flavor of the sauteed scallions and the sweetness of the diced pimento, it was a great combination. After piling the eggs on my plate I realized that they would look quite festive on Christmas morning, too. I snapped a quick photo below. Enjoy!


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