Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Brunch - Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits & Sausage

This morning we awoke to 27 degrees with a generous dusting of snow. We are fortunate not to be amidst the blizzard conditions happening up the east coast and to our north. The wind is blustery and cold though. I had a small bowl of my Parmesan Biscuit dough left in the fridge that I didn't use from last weekend so I made a couple of biscuits and popped them into the oven. While they were baking I shredded Cabot's sharp white cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, then sliced and browned some Aidell's smoked chicken sausages. I mixed the shredded cheese into the eggs along with lots of freshly ground black pepper, then topped it with more cheese. Everything was ready by the time the biscuits came out of the oven. It was the perfect brunch for this frosty morning. Who knew that a low carb, grain and gluten-free breakfast could look and taste this good! I snapped a couple photos below. Enjoy!



CyberSis said...


I'm so glad to hear that your area avoided getting hit by the monster storm! We missed it also. Our temp was 27 degrees, too, with dry conditions and no snow anywhere in the forecast. Sort of makes our blustery, cold and frosty morning seem kinda "balmy" in comparison. Your breakfast looks wonderful, very similar to ours this a.m. BTW, my Frittata King is going to love your latest creation in that department. :-)

Charlotte Moore said...

How nice the dough last several days. Saves time for sure.

905lovestostamp said...

WHO KNEW that you could keep that parmesan biscuit dough for that long! WOW, I'm impressed! Would almost be worth it to make a double batch and keep some in the frig, or only make up a few biscuits at a time. I live alone and am going it alone in terms of trying to get back onto the wheat-free lifestyle again. I live with a chronic illness, so I can never be sure I'll be feeling well enough to cook anything, so convenience like this would be fantastic!

Do you notice anything different in the consistency of the biscuits, etc? This biscuit looks a little crispier, or perhaps that is just how the parmesan cheese reacts in the biscuit recipe. Whatever it is, it looks GOOD!!!

I cannot tell you how much I missed you when you couldn't upload photos and blog updates! I know you went through a great deal, I prayed for you during that time--and I know it's far from easy for life to go back to "normal" again after losing someone who was so important to you like your dear Mom. I lost my Dad to cancer 14 years ago (on January 12th), on the 11th he would have been 80, and that was a tough one. But I do concentrate on being grateful I had such a loving and kind Dad, lots do not...

It's clear that you are very beloved, Ayla, with all of us who read your blog and benefit from all of your recipes--how I appreciate you!!!

Right now I'm really struggling getting back on the band-wagon, so I put in an order (online in the US) for Swerve Confectioners (still having trouble finding it here), ChocoPerfection's Sweet Perfection sweetener (I mix the two, or have mixed Sweet Perfection with the Wheat Belly sweetener too, didn't like the Wheat Belly sweetener on its own--perhaps that's just me), and a package of ChocoPerfection's mini-dark mint bars. Hoping I can use the bars as occasional treats, and will be able to get back to baking with these sweeteners, plus I have a bag of Honeyville blanched almond flour. I just need to learn to bake and freeze due to having a longtime chronic health condition--do most of your baked goods freeze OK? Or is it better to keep the dough in the frig like you did with the parmesan cheese biscuits and just bake them as you go? Wondering about muffins, etc especially as I live alone and I don't want these items to spoil.

Thanks again, no one creates recipes like you do!!!

Have you ever considered trying to make sticky cinnamon buns? What about a white cake with icing, like a birthday cake should taste--I'm afraid I love birthday cake with old-fashioned icing!

Will be continuing to pray for you, Ayla. I remember all of the "firsts" after my Dad died. It does get better, it really does--but it takes some time.

Best wishes to you,

Joanne Lowe

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi CyberSis,

Yes, it appears that we both lucked out in the "blizzard" department doesn't it. I wouldn't mind a few inches of snow because it is so pretty...but when you start counting it in "feet", that becomes an entirely different scenario. LOL on your Frittata King...they are just too easy and too good, aren't they! :-)

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Charlotte,

It is nice to be able to use the biscuit dough a few days later, for sure. I've also done that quite a bit with my chocolate chip cookie dough. Make the dough up and bake a portion of them and then keep it in the fridge for the week so I can just scoop a few cookies during the weeknights and have "warm cookies" fresh out of the oven more than once! It's basically like using the convenient refrigerated cookie dough.

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Joanne,

Thanks so much for your kind remarks. You are right about putting things into perspective like you do with losing your Dad and focusing on being grateful that you had such a loving father. It does help and with time I'm sure I will get there.

As far as the biscuit dough goes; yes, this biscuit was browned more than I usually do but I just baked it a bit longer. With almond flour there is a fine line between browned and burned so as it gets close, you need to watch it like a hawk. As far as the consistency goes, using the refrigerated dough wasn't 100% the same consistency but close. When you make them "fresh" after making the dough, these biscuits and a fluffy moist consistency. They become slightly less fluffy when you use the refrigerated dough but are still very good.

One suggestion you might want to try is when I made them several weeks ago, I made 1/2 batch of them which was perfect. I don't really freeze my biscuits but know others that do so successfully. That way you could pull it out of the freezer to thaw ahead of time. What you might want to do though is maybe make yourself half of a batch and purposely as a "test" freeze a few so you can pull them out a week or two later to see what you think. I think reheating them to warm them works better in an oven or toaster oven instead of a traditional pop-up style toaster. I've done both and they do much better when re-warmed in an oven.

As far as a "birthday cake" type cake, have you ever seen or tried using my "yellow pound cake" recipe and baking it either as cupcakes or in a traditional round type cake pan? Here is the link:
You could do a more traditional type frosting instead of the one on the bundt cake.

Oh, and yes, cinnamon buns are on my list of things to make some day. Thanks again for the many kind comments and your prayers. It is appreciated more than you know.

Unknown said...

I have made two batches of these now and they get better each time. Love the recipe and the taste. I cool them and freeze that evening in individual ziplock bags. Works great.

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Ken,

I'm so happy you are enjoying them and glad to know they freeze so well, too. I am always asked about that and glad to get the feedback. Great idea freezing them individually, too! Thanks for letting me know!