Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some Interesting Food Finds...

One of my favorite things to do when I shop for food is to look for "new items"...sometimes they aren't really new...but they might simply be new to me.  Below are a few items I picked up at Costco this past weekend and thought I'd share with you.  I mentioned Saturday that I had finally bought some Kerrygold "Dubliner" cheese that I had wanted to try.  I had some for a snack on Sunday afternoon, along with some interesting crackers that I had stumbled upon as well.  For me, there are the kind of crackers that are good to eat "as is" as well as with something on them....say, Ritz or Triscuit, for example...but sometimes you want a cracker that is simply something to hold the topping you put on them -- you don't necessarily want to taste the cracker, you want whatever you put on it to be the "star".  Well, I found just such a cracker.  I don't find these particularly tasty to eat by themselves...they don't have much of a taste, but they do provide you a "platform"...a thin crisp little wafer to hold whatever you choose to put on them and they don't compete with your topping.  The best part about these crackers (that are slightly larger around than a Ritz cracker), is that they have only 35 calories for 9 crackers!  I would definitely buy them again...not to eat "as is"...but to add a nice little crunch to whatever I placed on them.  Since I had just purchased the Dubliner cheese, I wanted just such a platform -- I wanted to taste the cheese, not the cracker.  I didn't want anything to distract or take away from the flavor of the cheese, just something to be the backdrop and provide the little bit of crunch that I like.  They are called "34 Whole Grain Crispbread".  Below are a few pictures I'll share with you.

"34 Whole Grain Crispbread" & "Kerrygold's Dubliner cheese"
Here is the front of the box is a close up of both the cheese and the crackers
Check out the label...9 cracker are only 35 calories!
I actually liked both of these new food finds...I personally probably wouldn't eat the crackers by themselves...not because they taste bad, but they just don't really taste like much.  They are, however, awesome for highlighting whatever you choose to put on top of them.  I'm thinking that chicken salad, tuna salad, peanut butter, etc. would be awesome on them, in addition to any of your favorite cheeses.  Oh, and the Dubliner cheese is really has a slightly different flavor than any other kind of cheddar I have had before.  Kerrygold also makes another good cheese that we have found at Costco as's called Skellig and it is a type of white cheddar cheese.  The Irish are well known for their Irish butter and cheeses.

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