Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Breakfast...My Style

This morning I had one of my favorite simple breakfasts...a Power Bagel from Einstein's.  I usually have that for breakfast once during the week on either a Saturday or Sunday at Einstein Bros Bagels while we are running our errands.  This weekend must be extra special because I had them twice!  :-)  We had one yesterday at Einstein's, but we picked up a couple to take home with I got to have one again this morning at home along with my favorite Keurig "Donut Shop" coffee.  I had my bagel and coffee with a "side" of Cuties.  For those of you that don't know what an Einstein's power bagel is a bagel WITHOUT a looks like a small loaf of bread.  It is a dense grainy bagel with raisins, cranberries and walnuts...and since it is so solid, it lasts us most of the day....really!!!  Anyway, if you look at this blog regularly, you already know that I like to photograph don't expect today to be any different.  ;-)  Below are a number of pics from this morning's simple "brunch".

This plate just screams...."It's Spring!"
The "power bagel" -- see, no holes
Take a peek inside
Low fat cream cheese has been spread
One more angle for your viewing pleasure
Love at first bite...
My favorite coffee..."before"
My favorite coffee..."after" (went a little wild with the creamer)

Now, for the cutest part of my breakfast
Looks pretty tasty...doesn't it?
Uh oh...a naked Cutie...might have to call the Cutie police
Look seeds!
Looks like the Cutie police have placed them "behind bars"

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