Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Night's Rant...'s Friday night and I haven't posted anything since our Saturday night's stuffed cabbage rolls and I feel like a blog slacker.  One of the main reasons I haven't posted anything else is....we have been eating STUFFED CABBAGE ROLLS...for almost a week now!  These were not tiny little rolls, they were pretty big -- 2 were actually more than enough for a meal...and I made 15 or 16 of those suckers, and there is only 2 of us here to eat them.   


So, as much as I really liked them, I must say that I did not shed any tears when we finally finished the last ones!!!  We had stuffed cabbage for like 4 days.  Tonight I made pizza with Publix fresh pizza dough...I was so excited to be having something other than cabbage rolls, I forgot to snap a few pics!   I plan to return to cooking new and exciting meals again tomorrow...completely cabbage free meals!  :-)  Part of my problem is that for most of my life, I have cooked for at least 5 people (3 kids)...and now that my kids are grown, I have a hard time re-adjusting.  In the beginning, I cooked for 5 people because there were 5 people living at home....then I continued cooking for 5 people because I never knew if one of them might stop by unexpectedly to eat and I would never EVER want to miss an opportunity to make sure they had a good home cooked "Mommy meal"...kind of dorky, I know.  But now, I just don't really know how to cook for only two...and as I have told you before on this blog, the hubby isn't overly fond of eating leftover ANYTHING.  I don't want to throw it I try to modify it, or spruce it up, etc.

I know I should freeze some meals when I have extra...but I would be lying if I didn't admit that for some odd reason, most meals that I actually have frozen in my life, thinking that some day I would pull them out and heat them up....well, it just never happens.  For the most part, any dish or meal that goes into my freezer is the equivalent of giving it a death sentence...after entering a cold, dark tomb (the freezer)...and then waiting for months to go by before it finally gets tossed into the trash can, pitifully covered with no less than 1/2 inch of ice crystals!  Ewwwww!  Then I feel know, all the starving people in the world and all -- and here I am, just tossing food into the trash.  It just isn't a good scenario.  I need to work on that.

This week we have had record pollen counts here in Atlanta -- Tuesday was 9,369...yes -- it is awful.  Fortunately this morning it was down to 1,009 which is still awful....but a far cry from over 9,000.  It makes me feel sleepy, itchy...and yes, occasionally....even a little bit bitchy (imagine that)...LOL.  So...if you wondered if I had died...I didn't....I am here alive and kicking and feeling thankful.  Thankful that it is Friday, of course....thankful that the pollen is going down, of course....but mostly what I am thankful for is not having to eat any more stuffed cabbage rolls this week!!!  Amen.  (P.S.-- I used to have a boss -- he was great -- and if he were to have read what I just blogged above -- I guarantee you that he would have asked me if I would like some cheese to go with that "whine" -- he was always good like that!).  Have a great Friday night and stay tuned for tomorrow's food adventures!!!

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