Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Saturday!

We awoke to a chilly morning this morning -- it was 37 degrees when we woke up, but it's bright, sunny and gorgeous out.  This is a drastic change for us since yesterday was a warm 72 degrees here.  The weather forecast for tonight is a frosty 28 degrees.  Guess it's time to put away the shorts and flip flops!  I decided to make us a good breakfast to start this chilly morning with.  We had fried organic cage free eggs, oven baked crisp nitrite free bacon along with a piece of plain "bagel toast" to go with our eggs and bacon.  We enjoyed big mugs of smoky dark Italian roast coffee to go with our breakfast.  Now we have the energy to seize this gorgeous day!  :-)



Pat in Ohio said...

An earlier poster asked about how long the "squagels" would keep and I thought I would pass along my results. I made them Tuesday afternoon and after they cooled I put them in a Ziplock One Gallon Storage Bag in two layers with a piece of waxed paper between the layers making sure I got as much air out as I could when I sealed the bag. I did not refrigerate or freeze - just left the bag sitting on my kitchen counter. It's now Sunday evening and the remaining pieces are still fresh and moist. I will say that after a couple of days the waxed paper seemed to be drawing moisture from the squares so I took it out.

Thank you again for this recipe!

Pat in Ohio

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Thanks, Pat. That is very helpful to know. I actually put mine in the freezer a few days ago and I pulled one out and toasted it for breakfast this morning and it worked great from freezer to toaster too! Thanks for the feedback -- I will pass that along! :-)