Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday's Skillet Breakfast Idea

Happy Sunday! It's a beautiful bright and sunny fall day here. We slept in late and now must get back to trying to get some organization done around our house before the holidays hit! I snapped a quick photo of my "brunch" this morning as a possible breakfast idea for using leftovers. I had some leftover roasted brussels sprouts from last nights dinner and some leftover little sausage links from yesterday's breakfast and 1 of my Easy Cheddar Black Pepper Biscuits that I made with buttermilk last week. to incorporate all of that into my breakfast? I had a vision...reheat the sprouts in a skillet and spread them out in a little wreath in the middle of my skillet, crack an egg to fry in the middle of my sprout wreath and toss in a few sausages to reheat while my egg cooked gently in the skillet (covered)...toss in a lightly toasted week-old biscuit and here is how it turned out. Check out my "Skillet Breakfast". Leftovers can be awesome with a little bit of creativity!  :-)

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