Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Sunny Side Up Sunday!

Happy Sunday! It's a beautiful morning here -- and in the mid 70s already by 9:00 a.m.  Today we are going to continue with some projects around the house. I made a simple breakfast of sunny side up organic eggs, oven roasted nitrite/nitrate free bacon and grain free toast made with a loaf of grain-free bread I am currently working on. I could probably post the recipe for it now but would like to make it one more time first to check the bake time on it again. I try to make sure the recipes will work best for you before I post them so you don't waste ingredients with trial and error. I snapped a few photos of the new flowers that have popped up in my backyard over the last week. It's finally beginning to look like summer! Enjoy!

First baby eggplant
One of my 2 basil plants
Gerber daisies
Patio jungle...
1st magnolia bloom!

GGC's private Farmers Market

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