Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chipotle Cheddar Crackers - Low Carb, Grain & Gluten-Free

I love to eat crackers as a simple, quick and easy snack. They are easy to toss into a little baggie and take them with you on the go. One of the things many of us grain-free people miss oftentimes are simple, crunchy little snacks. I love these with cheese and they are also great dipped into hummus or guacamole, etc. These crackers are tasty enough to eat simply "as is" too. Once you make grain-free crackers, you realize that there's really not much to it and the ways you can season them and change them up is endless. I love them served alongside my Fire Roasted Tomato Cheddar's just as tasty as having grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup (well, almost). LOL These would make great snack crackers to put out during football games, holiday get togethers, etc. Check out a few of my photos as well as the recipe for the crackers below. Enjoy!

My crackers were featured in the April 2014 issue (pages 26-27) of Wheat Free Living
Click here to read this issue:  Wheat Free Living

Chipotle Cheddar Crackers


·        1/4 cup finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese
·        1-1/2 cups almond flour or meal
·        2 tablespoons ground golden flaxseeds
·        2 tablespoons sesame seeds
·        1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
·        1/4 teaspoon onion powder
·        1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon chipotle chile powder, to taste
·        1 large egg
·        1 tablespoon olive oil
·        1/4 teaspoon sea salt, optional


Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

Place cheddar cheese and almond flour in a medium bowl. Using a pastry/dough blender, cut cheddar into flour mixture until finely chopped and evenly incorporated; stir in flax, sesame seeds, garlic powder, onion powder, and ground chipotle chile powder.

In a separate small bowl, whisk egg and olive oil until combined; pour into dry mixture. Combine mixture using a rubber spatula into a stiff dense dough; knead a couple times in the bowl with the heel of your hand to thoroughly combine and moisten all ingredients.

Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit your baking sheet pan and place parchment on counter or workspace. Place dough in center and press down evenly with your hands to about 1-inch thick. Place another sheet of parchment on top of dough. Roll dough out between sheets of parchment to about 1/8-inch thick. Remove top sheet of parchment; transfer bottom parchment to baking pan. Using a sharp knife or pizza cutting wheel, cut into 1-inch squares, or desired size. Lightly sprinkle with sea salt, if desired.

Bake for 15-20 minutes until light golden brown, checking frequently. If crackers on outer edge begin browning more quickly, carefully remove those and transfer to a plate or rack. When crackers are done, remove from oven and leave on parchment paper until cool. Separate crackers and enjoy. Store cooled crackers in an air tight container.

Note: The ground golden flaxseeds and sesame seeds are added to give the crackers a slightly “grainy” texture. If you prefer not to use them, just substitute additional almond flour or meal in their place. The chipotle chile powder adds a smoky/spicy flavor. If you do not have chipotle chile powder, you can easily substitute regular chili powder (to taste) or use milder and sweeter ancho chili powder.

Serving Suggestion: These crackers are delicious to eat “as is” or topped with your favorite cheese. They are also great used as a dip cracker to scoop up hummus that’s been lightly dusted with smoked paprika, chopped fresh parsley and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. 



Unknown said...

How long do you store these for before they go stale?

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Màrcelle,

That all depends...this time of year (summer)...with the humidity, they will go stale more quickly...even if you keep them tightly stored because of the awful humidity here. They are best the first day or 2. If they get slightly stale, you can pop them back into the oven at 300 degrees for a little while to re-crisp. Hope that helps! :-)

NanetteC said...

I have a rimmed jelly roll pan I use for my baking sheet.... might be easiest to roll IN the pan.... what size of baking sheet did you use?

jnharsanyi said...

Wow are these good! I think I like the more obvious bite of the onion powder than the chipotle, of course I used the lower end of the chipotle measure so that probably explains it. These are really good with your soup, and my husband likes them with deli meat and cheese. And I must admit to using the food processor for the whole recipe, which turned out great. This one goes into my file next to the tomato soup. Thanks for a great recipe!

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Thanks so much jnharsanyi. I'm so happy you enjoyed them. Now that you've made them, you can adjust the spices the way you prefer them best. Not everyone likes spicy or always wants spicy, so you can even leave that out if you like. I'm sure it goes together much more quickly in the food processor too. So happy you and your husband enjoyed both the crackers and the soup. Thanks so much for letting me know. :-)

Manny.E said...

Great website. Love your recipes. Just a pointer that i use when making these kind of crackers is to roll little balls of dough that I then press between two sheets of parchment paper in my tortilla press. Gives me perfect uniform circles and the right thickness!

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Manny,

Great tip...I don't have a tortilla press (yet)...LOL ;-)