Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Thursday Night and I Don't Have to Cook...

It is Thursday evening and hubby and I are having leftover Eggplant Lasagna that I made Tuesday night.  I love making a meal and having leftovers to enjoy's like a night off!  I will say though, that this Eggplant Lasagna is even better the next day -- the flavors infuse and meld together.  Also, one good thing about getting a chance to eat it the next day is that it looks much prettier too.  Whenever I make lasagna of any kind (even the traditional noodle version), I am always too anxious to wait and let it cool down and set properly and then you don't get the pretty squares you like when you cut it.  Well, I snapped a picture of tonight's "leftover" Eggplant Lasagna so you can see what it looks like inside.  Enjoy!


If you want the recipe, here is the link to Tuesday's post:

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