Sunday, January 19, 2014

Spicy Sausage & Baby Brussels Sprouts -- Breakfast Side Dish

This morning I am up bright and early after falling asleep early last night. This past week has been very busy and emotionally exhausting for my family and I am glad to see it behind us. But, this morning is a new day and it is a beautiful morning to wake up to. I planned to make eggs, but also had part of a bag of tiny baby brussels sprouts in the fridge that needed to be used as well as a few links of Aidell's Smoked Chicken Sausage w/ Habanero and Pepper Jack left that needed to be used (once you open the package they should be used within a few days since they aren't filled with preservatives). I used some of them last week in my Spicy Sausage & Spinach Pie. 

I trimmed and halved the baby sprouts and placed them in a covered casserole dish along with a few tablespoons of water and steamed them in a microwave for about 3 to 4 minutes until slightly softened but not cooked, then drained them and set aside. I sliced the sausage links diagonally and stir-fried them in a bit of oil in a non-stick skillet until they were heated and lightly browned, then added the sprouts along with some butter and cooked and lightly browned everything together, stirring frequently. I served these along side fried eggs along with one of my Easy Cheddar Black Pepper Biscuits. It was a great way to start this morning. I snapped a quick photo for you to see below. I have made this dish before for dinner, and also added onions but since hubby isn't fond of onions, I try not to add them to everything. I have also been working on a bread recipe -- this one has chocolate chunks in it. It's good but before I post the recipe, I want to make it again and tweak a bit to perfect it. I was pleased with how it turned out on the first attempt. As many of you know that have tried making grain free loaf is hard to make what I call a "nice loaf". They are typically puny and don't rise much. I am going to share a couple of sneak peeks so you can see what I mean by being pretty good for the first attempt. I will post the recipe once I get it just right -- no use in all of us wasting good ingredients trying to get it "just right". Happy Sunday...Enjoy!


CyberSis said...


Glad you're feeling refreshed after your not-so-great week. Hope your "issues" are resolved and that this week will be a good one for you.

I love your colorful and cheery breakfast side dish. That one is sure to put smiles on sleepy-heads ... not to mention taste buds! :-)

Thanks for the sneak peek at your latest bread creation ... looks intriguing. Looking forward to your "tweaked" recipe!

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi CyberSis -- Thanks. I am hoping to do some "bread tweaking" in the next week. :-)