Sunday, November 16, 2014

Low Carb Sunday Breakfast - Eggs, Sausage & Cranberry Pancakes

Happy Sunday!  This morning I made a big Sunday breakfast consisting of scrambled organic eggs with cheddar, chicken apple sausage patties (by Applegate) and a wedge of Cranberry Pancake that I made yesterday along with a dollop of fresh Cranberry Orange Sauce. I enjoyed it alongside a cup of caramel vanilla coffee with cream. I never thought I would be enjoying a breakfast like this again when I first went low carb several years ago. It's nothing short of amazing to me. This breakfast contains approximately 8.5 net carbs and slightly less than 4 grams of sugar. It will more than likely hold me until dinner this evening. I snapped a quick photo below to show you what low carb eating really looks like! Enjoy!


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