Sunday, July 26, 2015

Happy Sunday! - A Few Snapshots Of My Visit to Cordova, Alaska (More to Come)

Happy Sunday!  Last night I stayed up late working on my post about my visit to Cordova, Alaska this month. I finally finished going through all 1,100+ photos to find some of my favorites. I'm almost done with that post but not sure I can post all the photos I'd like on one single post so thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you here this morning. One photo that I did not get was of Harborside Pizza & Ice Cream which is where I allowed myself one little splurge during my Alaska visit. On our last night there I had a small cup of hand churned fresh wild strawberry ice cream that was so delicious. It was not overly sweet which allowed you to enjoy the fresh wild strawberry flavor. I'll try to get the rest of my post finished today with the rest of the photos. Enjoy!

The beautiful serene view from our lodge every morning (Orca Adventure Lodge)
The only way to get to Cordova is via a 40-minute plane ride or a 3-1/2 hour ferry ride
Downtown Cordova
More downtown Cordova
Everyone town has one of these, don't they!
Baja Taco - voted BEST fish tacos. We had lunch here a couple of times (it was great). The school bus used to be a food truck and they parked it and added on a dining room. How cool is that? Food is still prepared and served from the bus.
A Trident Seafoods boat 
We got a tour aboard the Solstice research boat
The Ms. Jennifer

The Picnic Basket provided us delicious lunches as well. I had the best fresh salads topped with big fillets of fresh halibut - I can't wait to make them here at home!
My daughter took this photo with her phone - how beautiful is that? Notice that the water appears to be in the shape of a heart?
Another photo taken by my daughter of the harbor in Cordova
Our visit to Alaska concluded with finally getting to see a moose in Anchorage during our long layover thanks to Craig (the husband of another blogger Michelle)
Here's a view of Mt. Ranier before landing in Seattle on our layover; then on to Anchorage and our final destination in Cordova


Unknown said...

What a lovely spot. I just assumed you were on a cruise. Great pictures.

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Thanks Linda! :-)