Friday, July 24, 2015

Wild Alaskan Salmon w/ Lemon, Butter & Dill and Tomato-Basil Burrata Salad

This evening I made a super quick, easy and fresh meal. The total time was approximately 20 minutes from prep to plate. You can't beat that! Our local Publix actually had fresh wild Alaskan salmon available when I stopped by the store last night (I asked where it was from in Alaska and they told me it was from Puget Sound). They said they will only have it for a couple of weeks. I picked up a fillet to prepare for tonight's dinner. I also found some beautiful fresh burrata (egg-sized blobs of fresh mozzarella filled with shreds of fresh mozzarella soaked in cream). How good does THAT sound? It also happened to be my favorite brand of Italian cheese, BelGioioso (I buy their fresh mozzarella and sliced provolone regularly). I was so excited to see that they started carrying their burrata as well. I wanted to things simple so we could really enjoy this beautiful fresh cheese. I diced a couple of ripe Campari tomatoes and thinly sliced a couple of large fresh basil leaves and topped the sliced burrata with the tomatoes and basil, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and seasoned it with a bit of sea salt and few grinds of black pepper. It was so good.

I kept the salmon prep simple, as well. Rather than heat the house up since it is miserably hot and muggy here, I decided to cook it tightly wrapped in foil on the grill. I placed a large fillet in the center of a large piece of foil and topped it with slices of lemon, fresh dill and pieces of Kerrygold's Garlic & Herb Butter and then lightly seasoned with sea salt and black pepper. I crimped the foil to make a large packet and then cooked it at about 425 degrees for about 15 minutes on our gas grill (closed). I basically used the grill as on outdoor oven. That way, no heat or smell in the kitchen whatsoever. It turned out delicious.

This week (the day after I got home from Cordova, Alaska) I actually ordered some Copper River Salmon, wild Halibut and wild Black Cod from a fisherman that I met while there. I had been asking around to see if any of them actually sold their catch to the public and was directed to Rich Wheeler of SenaSea Seafoods. I placed my order as soon as I returned and now have a nice stash of Copper River Salmon, Halibut and Black Cod in my freezer. They overnight ship for free and mine arrived 23-1/2 hours after I placed my order. It arrived nicely packaged and completely frozen solid (packed in dry ice) and each piece if vacuum sealed for freshness. I can't wait to try it and am excited that I can now continue to enjoy my favorite Copper River Salmon beyond it's short season (yum)! I snapped a few photos of tonight's dinner below (it was so easy to prepare, it doesn't really require a recipe or any special measuring...just go with the flow). Enjoy!



CyberSis said...


Beautiful! Gorgeous!
And I will definitely have to look for that burrata, too! :-)

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi CyberSis,

Thanks! Hope you find the was really good! :-)

Peg said...

I ditto CyberSis's comment! The photo makes my mouth water.

I'm going to check into the SenaSea Seafoods link you provided.

Also going to look for the burrata also.

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Peg,

Hope you find the burrata. Oh, and P.S. - after I ordered my salmon, halibut and black cod, SenaSea Seafoods sent me a "coupon code" for 10% off orders that I could give to my followers (LOL...I'm hoping to use it myself next time I order). If you decide to order from them, my code is GOURMETGIRL10 (and this is not a plug or pitch...I don't get anything for this)! :-)

Peg said...

Thank you for the coupon code! More incentive to place my order. :-)

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

You are welcome Peg! :-)