Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday's Grilled Salmon, Parmesan Cauliflower Mash & Roasted Asparagus

Today was a busy day running errands, working on projects around the house, and getting my grocery shopping done for the week as well as tomorrow's Easter dinner with the family.  The grocery stores were packed, as usual, before a holiday.  I still have to clean the house before everyone comes tomorrow -- it looks like a bomb went off in it!  :-)   We actually made it up to 73 degrees for a high this afternoon, so I thought it would be a perfect evening to grill out for dinner.  We had a simple, fresh and delicious dinner of grilled salmon, my Rich and Thick Parmesan Cauliflower Mash and roasted fresh asparagus.  It just lightly began to sprinkle as we pulled the salmon off the grill and tomorrow we are supposed to have thunderstorms in the afternoon.  I hope it stays dry long enough for the little kids to be able to enjoy their Easter egg hunts.  My kids are all way too old for egg hunts...but I still make them Easter baskets every year and probably will until they make me stop (and so far I am not getting any requests to stop)...LOL.  They are all grown and live on their own...and do not follow the Wheat Belly program as I I am still sort of the "odd woman out here".   But, no worries, I have now lost a total of 57 pounds which makes me a very happy odd one, so that is perfectly okay!  I snapped a few photos of our dinner this evening and have embedded the link to take you to the recipe for the cauliflower mash above where I list my dinner menu.  I also snapped a few shots of my Easter table floral centerpiece that hubby bought me yesterday -- it is so pretty and just SCREAMS spring.  Enjoy!

Va Va VOOM!!!

Happy Easter...Happy Spring!!!


Mia @ Tarorice said...

So healthy, exactly what I need to get in ready for summertime!

PS: I'm a new food blogger on Chinese/Italian/Korean/Japanese/American recipes and restaurant reviews. Feel free to browse around my page.

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Thanks, Mia -- I will check your page out! :-)