Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday's Grain-Free Breakfast - No IHOP Required

Happy Sunday! It is a gorgeous morning here -- bright and sunny and our temps are supposed to be close to 70 degrees this afternoon. The trees are beginning to bud and leaf out. Amazing that only a few weeks ago we were experiencing an "epic ice/snowstorm". I've even noticed daffodils blooming in neighbors' yards already. The bad thing is that we had to turn our clocks forward this morning so we lost an hour this weekend...but the good news is that our days will be longer and sunset doesn't occur until 7:41 p.m. this evening -- yay! Since we hurried out of the house yesterday morning to run errands, I just ate a quick Greek yogurt for this morning I wanted to make a nice big "weekend breakfast". As I pulled the eggs out of the fridge, I noticed all these little wrapped chunks of both white and yellow cheddar cheese left from various things I had made. I decided the best way to use them all up was to make scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast! I added the beaten eggs to my skillet that was sizzling with a bit of Kerrygold butter...and then grated the pieces of cheese directly onto the eggs in the pan as they were cooking. I finished up all the odds and ends bits of cheese cluttering up my fridge. 

I browned some mini chicken sausage links in another small skillet. While the eggs and sausage were cooking, I thinly sliced the grain-free Irish Soda Bread I made last week and popped it into the oven to toast a bit. It was a quick and delicious Sunday breakfast. Two years ago, I could never have imagined sitting down to a 100% grain-free breakfast like this -- I honestly thought my days of eating "good stuff" were over...boy was I wrong! Trust me, IHOP doesn't have anything on me! I snapped a few photos below. Enjoy!

Do YOUR eggs smile at you before you beat them?

These are the sausages I find at either Costco or Sam's Club


CyberSis said...


I love your gorgeous breakfast and the cute smiley face! You have definite signs of Spring, I'd say ... no wonder the eggs are so "sunny"! :-) It's still winter here, but we're starting to have a couple of 40-degree days here and there. Still have plenty of The White Stuff around (and we're due for more on Tues.) but the irises started poking up out of the snow a couple of weeks ago ... amazing! Our Costco had Kerrygold butter today, after having been out of it for a while, so we stocked up!

ebuzzle said...

Where abouts in Costco do you find these sausages? Frozen foods isle, meats and imported cheeses...:)

Kathleen F Turner said...

I made your mushroom soup for supper tonight. So much better than the canned stuff. Lately I'm hearing of so many people with stomach and other health issues, and I think: What are you eating? Good food is so important for our bodies. And good food is delicious!

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi CyberSis! Wow...more snow? I surely hope we don't switch back to "winter" again...while I know we will still have chilly days ahead -- I'm hoping not "too chilly". Funny that your irises are poking up through the snow. Glad you got to stock up on Kerrygold -- I know several folks have told me their Costco hasn't carried it recently and I've told them that maybe they will in this upcoming week or so prior to St. Patrick's Day. When I was at Costco yesterday...I was taking a picture of the Kerrygold supply at my store (it was in a display with their Dubliner cheese and corned beef)...and a man came up to me chuckling and said..."are you taking a selfie with the corned beef?" Hahaha! I told him NO, it wasn't a selfie -- I was not taking a picture of ME but of the Kerrygold display for my food blog. We then began talking about Dubliner cheese and he asked me if I'd ever tried the Vermont white cheddar by Cabot in the black package -- I told him I didn't think so...he proceeded to guide me to the aisle it was and told me how great it guess what I bought? LOL I guess it's time to make my "Cauli-roni & Cheese" again soon! :-)

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi ebuzzle -- when I find it at Costco -- it's where the other sausages are (by Aidells and the other types like that). This last package I picked up was at Sam's Club -- in their cheese and sausage section. My Costco doesn't have them right now (they have them on and off) I was happy to find them at Sam's. :-)

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Kathy -- so glad you enjoyed the mushroom soup! You are so right about the health issues, etc. It's nice to be able to identify the ingredients in a bowl of soup, isn't it? When you read the side of a can of creamed soup...the list is full of all kinds of ingredients with items that I have no idea what they are! I agree -- "good food" is delicious and it's sad that we became so detached over time from the simplicity of eating real simple foods. :-)

905lovestostamp said...

GREAT to hear that these sausages are also available at Sam's Club, as I share a membership with a good friend. I live about an hour away (and across the US border into Canada), but hope to go across the border for a visit. That breakfast looks SO good, GGC!!!

What else could I look for at Sam's Club that you'd recommend for a grain-free lifestyle?

Glad you received my long e-mail of links and recipes for Irish Wheaten Soda Bread, I hope they will help you come up with a healthy substitute at some point when it's convenient for you. Thank you for all you do to bring us such wonderful recipes and photos that encourage and inspire us. I'm in awe of what you have achieved in such a short time living grain-free, SO impressed!!!

Thanks again, Joanne

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Joanne -- Our Sam's Club has lots of nice imported cheeses (if you like cheese). They also have some nice looking fresh produce, too (except you usually have to buy it in larger quantities). Even though I have a membership to both Sam's and Costco...I tend to prefer Costco a bit more. Cotsco seems to be carrying more and more organic foods recently. Sam's has larger bags of nuts, too -- almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc. My Sam's Club also carries Kerrygold butter (the softer kind in the tub, not the bricks). I have also seen the golden flax meal there that I usually buy at Costco. I will think about other ideas, too. Thanks for the kind words! :-)