Saturday, September 1, 2012

Salmon Salad for Lunch...and Coffee Fever

This morning we got up early and ran a few errands, dropped our doggy off at the groomer and came back home to have lunch.  While out today, I picked up a bunch of coffee flavors for our Keurig.  I figure with the cool weather right around the corner that I wanted a variety of flavors to choose from since most evenings now coffee ends up being my "dessert".  I don't seem to crave sweets much any more.  Check out some of the flavors I picked up:  Mudslide, Butter Toffee, Hazelnut, Wild Mountain Blueberry, Donut Shoppe, Raspberry Chocolate Truffle and French Roast Decaf.  I am sipping on some Wild Mountain Blueberry now after lunch.  It smells so good...kind of like getting a cup of coffee and aromatherapy all rolled into one!  :-)  I snapped a quick photo of my lunch today -- this is why I like to cook an extra piece or two of salmon when we make it for dinner.  It makes a quick and delicious lunch the next day too.  Enjoy!


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