Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday "Brunch" for One

Happy Saturday!  It is bright, sunny but a bit warm here this morning.  Hubby is attending an all day meeting today, so it was just me for "brunch".  I wasn't very hungry this waited until late morning to eat.  I decided to have something that would last and help me make it through the shopping I am getting ready to go and do.  I toasted myself a piece of the "Paleo Bread" almond flour bread and lightly buttered and griddled it in a non-stick pan to melt the slice of Dubliner cheese (Irish cheese made by Kerrygold).  I set that aside and fried myself a brown organic, cage free egg sprinkled with sea salt and black pepper and placed that on top of the cheese and toast and served it with some fresh blueberries and strawberries alongside a cup of Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee.  I am ready to seize the day now!  Enjoy!


This was the base of my egg-wich
This was the cute little egg that sat on top!

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