Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday's Baked Fish and Broccoli w/ Cheese

This weekend was a busy weekend.  Hubby had a training class all day on Saturday which gave me some time to get caught up on some projects around the house.  Today we ran lots of errands and did some much needed house cleaning!    We had a few minor repairs made around the house this afternoon too.  Last night we had our leftover Green & White Pizza for dinner so I didn't have to cook.  I had hoped to do some baking this afternoon but ran out of time.  Tonight I made simple baked fish for dinner and just popped some buttered steamed broccoli topped with cheddar cheese into the oven to go with it.  Neither hubby or I were very hungry today for some reason.  We didn't eat dinner until about 8:30 tonight.  I am getting ready to prep a roast to put into the crock pot for tomorrow's dinner.  I really need to use my crock pot more frequently -- I always love coming home to a house that smells like someone cooked dinner for me for a change!  :-)   I snapped a photo of tonight's simple dinner.  Enjoy!



Roye said...

Hi there, I posted about three weeks ago saying it was my 1st week on WB and how you've helped me with all of your wonderful recipes. You're still helping me ;) so another thank you! I've lost an average of 2lbs a week and so a total of 8 lbs in a month.

The reason for my comment is I wanted to know if you have a recipe for your Sunday Baked Fish and Broccoli w/Cheese. I know it's simple but was just wondering if you had the ingredients and preparation somewhere. But my real reason for commenting is I see where you're prepping to do a roast in your crock pot. I did your recipe and just so you know I totally know the problem I have isn't because of your recipe. It's happened to me several times in the crock pot or on top of the stove. But my roast (usually chuck) gets tender because I cook it to death :) but it's also very chewy? Do you have any idea why this happens?

Thanks so much and again thank you for your blog, I LOVE it and check in almost daily.


Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Roye! Congratulations on your weight loss! Tonight I made an eye of round pot roast and since it is so lean, it tends to be a little drier. The best "fall apart tender roast" I have made is a cut called "boneless shoulder roast". I usually cook it in the crock pot for about 8-10 hours on low. I have had a roast turn out chewy before both when cooked on the stove or in a crock pot. When I make a boneless should roast it consistently turns out tender (particularly in the crock pot). You can add whatever you like (onions, carrots, celery, wine or broth, etc.). Usually you don't need more than 1/2 cup of liquid when you cook it in the crock pot and lots of juice cooks out. Also, when using a crock pot it is important to use the correct size pot. I have a huge 8-qt crock pot and a 6-qt. The crock pot should be about 50% full -- if you put a small roast in a huge crock pot, the roast may turn out more tough. I hope this helps! :-) Again...good luck and keep up the good work!

Roye said...

Thank you for your reply, I think it's really great how you answer people :). Anyway, I looked for "boneless shoulder roast" when I saw your recipe but didn't see it where I shop, I even asked one of the butchers in the back of the meat counter and he said it was like a chuck roast, so again I went with the chuck. It did come out a little better this time but only because we had it the night after and could cut it super thin since it was cold. Trying to cut it coming right out of the crockpot is impossible, it just shreds and falls apart.

Thank you for the congrats :) and for your blog.

Best to you,

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

I found a pictures of a shoulder roast from a grocery store chain called Wegmans. Here it is in case you want to see what it looks like.
If you are looking for a roast that doesn't fall apart, the one I cooked (eye of round) stayed together but it was not as tender and more dry than what I usually make. Often though roasts fall apart when they are hot and are hard to "slice" and just like you noticed -- they are easier to slice or cut neatly when they are cold.

Ditamac MI/FL said...

I recently found your site and am happy I did. Your recipes are terrific. Like Roye, I too would love your recipe for Sunday's Baked Fish and also the Broccoli w/Cheese. Thanks for all your efforts and sharing with us.

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Ditamac -- the fish is simply brushed with butter and sprinkled with the seasoning of your choice (paprika, salt, pepper, etc. -- or Old Bay Seasoning if you like it spicier) and baked at 350 until done or broiled (different fish take more or less time and it depends on thickness). The fresh broccoli was simply steamed, seasoned with salt and pepper and tossed with shredded cheddar and topped with more cheddar and popped into the oven to melt and brown a bit. Nothing fancy at all. :-)