Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Saturday!

It's an absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning here.  So bright and sunny after a week filled with lots of rain.  Even though it's a little nippy out this morning, it is supposed to reach 60 degrees this afternoon.  If it actually gets that warm, I might just venture out and wash my car!  This morning I made myself a big omelet for breakfast since I don't plan to eat again until dinner time.  It was so simple and easy to put together since I cooked extra sausage, peppers and mushrooms last night when I made pizza so I could use them in an omelet this weekend.  I quartered a few grape tomatoes to add to my omelet and shredded some sharp cheddar cheese, and "Voila" -- I had an omelet fit for a Queen!  I'm ready to make my Costco and grocery runs this morning and get back to wash my car this afternoon!   If I'm lucky, I might find some wild caught fish for dinner...or something else that strikes my fancy.  Happy Saturday....Enjoy!


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