Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pulled Beef & Biscuit Sandwiches -- Low Carb & Wheat Free

This evening I transformed the leftover pot roast from Saturday night into the most amazing dinner. Not only did it taste amazing...but, it was amazingly quick to make, too! The Southwestern Style Pot Roast I made Saturday was the kind of roast (boneless chuck roast) that was cooked to "fall-apart tenderness". It was absolutely perfect for making pulled beef sandwiches. I heated the leftover pot roast in some of the spicy juices it cooked in to keep it super moist and then took 2 forks and pulled it apart into long shreds. I had a batch of my Cheddar Black Pepper Biscuits leftover from the weekend, too, and used those for my little "sandwich rolls". I split the biscuits and piled the shredded beef on top and then topped each mound of beef with melted pepper jack cheese. I served leftover Cheddar Squash Casserole alongside them. It was honestly one of the best meals and everything used to make them was left from my cooking this weekend. Who knew that life without wheat, grains and sugar could be THIS good? After all this time, I still continue to amaze myself! LOL It doesn't get more simple than this. I snapped a few photos below to give you an idea on how you can breathe new life into leftovers...it doesn't have to be the "same old/same old" all the time. Enjoy!  

P.S. -- Let's not forget the "leftover dessert" I served from this weekend, too! In case you were wondering...I really love leftovers!  :-)


SierraDeb said...

These look yummy! But tell me ... can you really pick thses up and eat them like a sandwich? I love my GourmetGirl Cheddar Biscuits, but mine are always so flaky and tender they don't hold up as a sandwich. I'd have to eat these with a knife and fork! And that's okay. I just wondered if you experience the same thing.

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Deb -- Could I pick them up to eat them? Yes...but after a couple bites I put it down because it was messy and I over-heaped the meat on them so it fell out, much like a sloppy joe does. I have used them for sandwiches before though by "lightly toasting" them just a bit. I ended up eating most of my biscuit and pulled beef with a fork -- had melted cheese on my hands, etc. and had to use a fork to pick up the beef that fell out anyway! :-)