Sunday, March 29, 2015

Filet Mignon w/ Creamy Dijon Mushrooms & Costco Find!

This weekend was a "working weekend"; we worked on projects around the house most of the weekend, I worked on taxes a good bit of yesterday and finally got that done. This afternoon we went to Costco and did some grocery shopping. Youngest son came for dinner last night and we went out for Mexican. I had Roasted Poblanos Stuffed with Monterey Jack Cheese, Topped w/ Grilled Skirt Steak. It was great. Youngest son is the one that does not care for and rarely eats beef. Since oldest son was the only one that came for dinner this evening, I was able to make something with beef which happened to work out perfectly. Costco had unusually beautiful filet mignon steaks today and they just happened to have a package with 3 of them so I picked them up. I also picked up some beautiful fresh haricot verts (thin green beans) to make to go with the steaks (I steamed them and tossed with butter and toasted slivered almonds). The guys had baked potatoes with their meal. I made mushrooms with creamy dijon sauce to put on top of our steaks (except for hubby's...he's a mushroom hater). I absolutely LOVE that sauce and son really loved it too. He actually skipped putting steak sauce on his steak for the first time. The steaks took about 16 to 18 minutes to grill. I snapped a couple photos below. Enjoy!

Costco has almond butter again! Picked up this 27-oz jar
for $10.79 and the only ingredient is roasted almonds!

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