Monday, April 16, 2012

Calzones -- Pepperoni & Fresh Tomato ("Take 2")

Tonight I decided to take a crack at making calzones again (for the 2nd time this year).  The first time I made them, I overstuffed them...BIG TIME!  I made spinach and cheese calzones and used a recipe that was supposed to make 4 calzones, but I thought I'd squeeze the filling into only 2 instead...big mistake!  It was way too much filling proportionate to the crust and they looked like they wanted to explode.  They were tasty, just out of proportion.

So tonight, I decided to keep it simple...real simple.  I got a ball of Publix fresh pizza dough and decided to make one large calzone for hubby and I to share.  I stretched out the dough, stuffed it with turkey pepperoni, sliced & seeded fresh Campari tomatoes (that I picked up this weekend) along with shredded mozzarella cheese.  I sprinkled it with a dash of Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes before folding it over.  I must say it turned out SO much better this time!  I served it with a side of our favorite Dei Fratelli pizza sauce for dipping.  It was such a big calzone that hubby and I shared only half of it and we still have the other half to eat tomorrow.  I must admit, this calzone turned out much better than the overstuffed calzones I made the first time around.  Below are a few pics.  Enjoy!

Fresh out of the oven
Another shot fresh out of the oven
Waiting to be cut and served
Freshly cut in half...take a peek inside
P.S. -- Just in case you were tasted as good as it looked!  ;-)

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