Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mellow Mushroom...Calzones that are "Works of Art"

This evening, we decided to have Mellow Mushroom Calzones...they are, without a doubt, our favorite calzones to eat out....ANYWHERE.  We called and ordered them ahead and hubby went to pick them up so we could eat them at home.  If you have access to a Mellow Mushroom and haven't tried their calzones yet....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???  ;-)  Seriously, they are really good...and in my opinion, works of art.  My favorite calzone to get is their "House Calzone" which has roma tomatoes, fresh spinach and mushrooms.  I love their sauce is so fresh tasting.  I am going to share a few pictures of my calzone with you so you can see for yourself....but to taste one for will have to find a Mellow Mushroom.  The best part about getting their calzones for me is that I eat half of it for dinner tonight and get to eat the other half for lunch outstanding is that???  I hope there is one near you.  Enjoy the pics!

Spinach, tomatoes & mushrooms never looked so beautiful
Here's another view of this beauty
This is food art...and the person that made it is an artist.
Here, take a peek inside...there is mozzarella cheese hiding in there too!

History:  Mellow Mushroom was started by 3 local college students in Atlanta in 1974.  They bought an old building on Spring Street near Georgia Tech and opened up the very first location.  Today there are over 100 locations in 15 states.  They are all locally owned and operated...hopefully you are in one of those lucky 15 states!  Just another reason I love Georgia.

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