Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday's Easy Spicy Grilled Chicken & Biscoff Frozen Yogurt

This evening, hubby had to work a little I got everything ready for dinner ahead of time so all he had to do when he got home was toss the chicken on the grill.  We had grilled boneless skinless chicken thighs.  The way we like to eat them is so simple and tasty.  I spread them out on a platter and spray both sides of them with Pam cooking spray and then sprinkle them with Montreal Spicy Steak Seasoning and then we grill them.  They don't stick to the grill, they don't burn, they don't dry out...they come out perfect every time!  You would think they would burn without any skin, but they don't.  We had a small bowl of leftover cooked carrots to use and I also steamed some fresh broccoli because we like a lot of veggies.  I had a few small red potatoes left in the pantry, so I cut them up and boiled and mashed them.  It was a simple, quick and easy meal that helped use up some of the leftovers from meals earlier this week.  It probably only took about 20 minutes to put this dinner together which is about how long it took for hubby to grill the chicken.

I also whipped together a really tasty little dessert -- Biscoff Frozen Yogurt.  I literally had only about 1 cup of lowfat vanilla frozen yogurt left in the freezer.  I could have just eaten it plain and enjoyed it...but I have been wanting to make a dessert using the Biscoff cookie spread I bought several weeks ago and a little light bulb suddenly went off!  I softened my little bowl of vanilla frozen yogurt and then added a rounded teaspoon or so of Biscoff spread and whipped it around so it became the texture of "soft serve ice cream" (some of the Biscoff spread incorporated into the yogurt and some remained as swirls).  I stuck 2 Biscoff cookie biscuits in the bowl.  I was actually eating Biscoff Frozen Yogurt!  How can I say this without sounding too excited....IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!  Definitely an OMG moment!  The Biscoff flavor permeated that little bowl of frozen yogurt...and the Biscoff cookies kind of supplied the "ice cream cone crunch".  If you like will love this and it took only 2 minutes to make.  I snapped a pic for you to see.  For those of you that don't know what Biscoff cookies are...they are known as "Europe's favorite cookie with coffee"...and they have been served on domestic and international airlines since 1984.  Enjoy the pics -- there are only 2 pics this time -- imagine that!  :-)

In case you are interested in reading a little bit about the history of Biscoff cookies, I have copied some info from their website for you to read. If you haven't tried should.  They are simple little "not too sweet" crispy biscuit type cookies and they really do go well with coffee (or better yet, dunked in your coffee).

About Biscoff

BIScuits & COFFee

Biscoff is the name given to the traditional Speculoos biscuits in North America. It's derived from the combination of words Biscuit and Coffee, simply because their caramel flavor and crisp texture make these cookies the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or espresso drink.
Speculoos are decorative caramelized biscuits and they were traditionally used to celebrate weddings and births, to teach history, and to chronicle war in Europe. Today Speculoos make up 20% of all the cookies eaten in Belgium and are still an important part of their culture.

Original Recipe Since 1932

Biscoff cookies are baked using the original recipe created in 1932. They are made with all natural ingredients, using no artificial colors or preservatives. They are vegan and contain 0 grams trans fat and 0 cholesterol per serving. All Biscoff cookies are baked in Lembeke, Belgium by Lotus Bakeries.

Introduction to the U.S. – The Airline Cookie

Successful in Europe for decades, Biscoff’s popularity ‘soared’ when it was discovered by an airline food supplier during a trip to Belgium in 1984. Since then, Biscoff cookies have made air travel a little sweeter on nearly every domestic airline and most international carriers. As of 2010, airline passengers nibbled on 1.5 billion cookies, with Lotus Bakeries selling 3.3 billion Biscoff single and double cookies in Europe a year.

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