Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Few New Interesting Food Finds...

While shopping for Easter dinner this weekend, I picked up a few new food finds I thought I'd share.  It has been a very busy day today prepping for Easter dinner tomorrow.  I'm making Chicken Divan on rice, rolls and a Lemon Berry Trifle for dessert.  Of course, there is also tons of candy in the Easter baskets too.  We've also been cleaning the house and getting it ready for tomorrow, along with some much needed "spring cleaning".  It seems that no matter how early of a start we get, we are always still rushing around at the last minute.  I think we underestimate what we have to do and how long it all takes to do.  I assembled the Chicken Divan this evening and started work on the trifle by slicing the berries and cubing the pound cake.  I will make the lemon cream tomorrow and assemble it.  All the Easter baskets are made, the table is partially set...and the house cleaning is almost done.  What we don't finish tonight, we will finish in the morning...I just had to get off of my feet for this evening, so thought I'd post a few pics while I prop my feet up a bit!  Check out the pics of my new food finds below.

These little Zima "gems" are tiny orange-yellow cherry tomatoes and look beautiful

Look how red these devils are -- I have a particular recipe in mind for these guys
To give you some perspective on the size of the tomatoes
BOOM! (You can actually see the tomato fuzz on them).
And now we know they are going to be good!  ;-)

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