Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Weekend's Food Finds...

It is another gorgeous day here today.  It is 73 degrees, bright, sunny and not a cloud in the sky.  Last night we did our Costco run and this morning did part of our weekly grocery shopping at Publix.  We'll finish it up tomorrow.  I wanted to share a few new food finds I picked up -- some are simply new to me...and some are just plain new (I am such a sucker for the word new)!  Enjoy!

Campari tomatoes are larger than cherry tomatoes, but smaller than a regular tomato.
New flavor of Sun Chips...they also had Roasted Garlic, but that sounded yucky!
This is my new favorite popcorn...I tried it a few weeks ago -- this bag is about 2 feet tall!
Hubby is nuts about pistachios!  :-)
These looked good, so I thought we'd try them!
Love stuffed grape leaves...hubby wanted to try these.
Picked up a big bag of Minneola Tangelos
Here is one with it's characteristic "nipple" on top
Here's a peek inside
This sounded good...we'll try it on grilled chicken
Found a new flavor of diced canned tomatoes

Looking forward to trying these
Finally found the Biscoff spread, smooth and crunchy -- I found a couple of recipes I wanted to try that use this.
The spread is made using these cookies
These are my favorite snack -- I finally found the low sodium almonds in the 16-oz bag.  I usually take one of the small 6-oz cans to work for my week's mid-morning snacks (that's usually when my Fage Greek yogurt breakfast has worn off and I need a little boost to make it to lunch time). 

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