Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A little of this and a little of that...random stuff

Today is a totally random blog post...imagine that!  Some people probably think that all my blog posts are random...but hey, it's my blog, right???  I shot a number of random food items that I thought I'd share.  Some of them are my faves and others are just items that I like and wanted to share in case you'd never seen them or have seen but never tried.

But first I want to share a picture of my dinner tonight.  We used up some leftovers from earlier in the week.  Hubby had leftover linguine with meat & veggie sauce...and I made myself a nice dinner salad with 1/2 of the last leftover Dijon Balsamic Grilled Chicken from Monday night.  I saved the other 1/2 of the chicken breast to enjoy for lunch on Thursday.  Enjoy the random pics below!

Wednesday night's dinner -- same as lunch (except lunch was salmon instead of chicken)!
These whole romaine hearts are so much better than regular cut bagged salad and fresher too!  I like the convenience of bagged salad, but once you open that bag it starts going bad -- also they seem to be sneaking in more crappy lettuce recently too -- and the bags keep getting smaller.  This is 2-1/2 pounds of perfect romaine hearts which is great if you eat a lot of salads -- 40 oz of romaine that costs less than two 10-oz bags of bagged salad!
Found these salad tomatoes at Costco this past weekend - they are the sweetest we've found!
Here is a closer look -- they really are sweet and beautiful too!
If you've never tried these...they are good.  I prefer them to croutons
My newest favorite dressing
Best veggie dip...ever!

Best pimento cheese ever...the first ingredient is...SHARP CHEDDAR CHEESE, not mayo!

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