Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Bunny Cake

Below I am posting a few pictures of the Easter Bunny Cake I made last year.  I made this when my kids were little and had really missed making it, so I decided to make it for dessert last Easter.  I made it using a lemon flavored Duncan Hines cake mix.  It is basically two 8-inch cake rounds with one of them cut out to make the bunny's ears and bowtie.  They are assembled, frosted and decorated on a covered cookie sheet or large platter if you have one.  Coconut serves as the bunny's "fur" and coconut is also tinted for the color of the bowtie as well as the pink insides of the ears.  It is simple and fun to make.  I usually use a cake mix, but you can make a cake from scratch too.  I also used ready made white frosting, but again, that could be home made too, if you prefer.  I think it is cute, festive and fun and just screams....HAPPY EASTER!  Enjoy.

Coconut is tinted pink for the inner ears, yellow for the bowtie & green for the grass
Jelly beans are also used for decorating the bowtie, the eyes and the mouth.  I've used licorice strings for whiskers in the past, but this time I just sliced a couple of black jelly beans.  I like to scatter some green tinted coconut "grass" to offset the bunny and scatter some jelly beans for color as well.

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