Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Sunday...It's Breakfast Time!

It's a beautiful bright and sunny morning here -- but a bit chilly and only in the low-40s.  I decided to make us a big weekend breakfast/brunch this morning before we started our day and ran our errands. I made a batch of Black Pepper Cheddar Herb Biscuits, oven cooked uncured bacon and fried organic cage free eggs, along with some fresh berries.  I naively stepped out on the back patio to snap a quick picture and was shocked by how cold and windy it was out there.  The bright sun was deceiving and I thought it would be warmer than it I literally "snapped and ran"...back into the house.  I decided to take a couple more pics from the warmth of my kitchen table while my hazelnut coffee was brewing.  Now we are fueled and ready to seize the day!  You can find a link taking you to the biscuit recipe embedded in the name above.  Enjoy!

Much warmer here inside at the kitchen table!


Patricia said...

NICE! What a great day and Happy Birthdya to your son! :) I have to try your cheddar biscuits! Can't wait. I asked my local earthfare to pls get bulk almond flour in. All they carry is Red Mill and it is very expensive. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I made these tonight for dinner, really delicious, everyone loved them. Just a quick question, when you measure out the almond flour do you pack it or just lightly spoon and level off? I purchased my first bag from honeyville and its awesome, having fun experimenting. Thanks. Maria

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Thanks, Patricia! I hope they are able to get that almond flour in for you soon! Sometimes its just nice to have a biscuit to go with your breakfast or bowl of chili! I try to order the Honeyville almond flour when they put it on sale. It isn't cheap either because you have to buy it in 5-lb bags. Fortunately it lasts a long time though. Hope you enjoy the biscuits when you get a chance to try them! :-)

Gourmet Girl Cooks said...

Hi Maria! Glad you liked the biscuits! When I measure almond flour I lightly spoon or scoop it out of the bag with the measuring cup and level it off -- I don't pack it. Glad you are enjoying the Honeyville flour too -- it makes a big difference (in my opinion) in how your baked goods turn out. Have fun experimenting with it! :-)