Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Simple Tuna Salad Boats...

For some odd reason, this evening I wasn't in the mood to spend very much time making dinner (part of that might have been because I knew I had a yummy dessert, my Key Lime Pie, waiting for me afterwards)!  LOL  Last night we finished up the leftover spinach-feta pie and salmon for dinner. Tonight I just didn't have a taste for anything in particular. You of the nights when you come home from work and just stand there in front of your fridge and/or pantry...staring at all the stuff packed in there...but seeing absolutely "nothing"???  Well, that was me tonight. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a can of tuna just sitting there on the shelf looking rather lonely...and started thinking about how it had been a while since I'd made tuna salad (which I love).  I also had some beautiful little heads of artisan romaine lettuce in the fridge which would be perfect to cradle my tuna salad in!  So, I drained and flaked the tuna (I use Wild Planet); chopped some celery, Vidalia onion, red bell pepper, dill pickle and then mixed it together with some mayonnaise and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.  I filled small romaine lettuce leaves with the tuna salad, added some roasted almonds to my plate, sliced tomato and some sliced mozzarella cheese...and "Boom"...dinner was served.  It took very little time to prepare; it didn't heat up my kitchen; and it was yummy!  What more could a gourmet girl want?  LOL  Dinner doesn't have to be time consuming and complicated to be delicious.  Sometimes I enjoy the most simple meals the best!  After dinner, I enjoyed a little piece of my Key Lime Pie for dessert along with coffee.  It was a perfect easy peasy summer dinner.  I snapped a few photos below.  Enjoy!



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