Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awesome Random Food Finds...

This past week/weekend, I stumbled on several new food finds...some are actually "new products" and others are simply new to me.  I snapped a few pics so you could check them out below.  I am such a sucker for the word "new".  Now, don't misunderstand...just because something is new doesn't mean I am automatically going to buy it or try it....but if it looks yummy....consider it sold!

New flavor of Pepperidge Farm Bread...Strawberry Banana.  This week, I had it a couple of days for lunch.  I made a sandwich using Jif peanut butter (because I am a choosy mother, and we always choose Jif) and "Polaner all-fruit strawberry jam" on this bread.  Hands down, it is the BEST peanut butter sandwich I have ever joke!  A thinly sliced banana could possibly push it over the top (I picked up some bananas this evening so I'll find out).  Don't be fooled because this little loaf has small slices -- they are substantial and not wimpy in taste or texture and it more than makes up for its little size and I promise you will be full/satisfied.  That little word "new" always gets me...but the word "Limited Edition" is almost too much for me to handle!  ;-)
Made this Saturday night for dinner -- it was delicious!
Bought a 3-lb bag of's grilling and marinating time again!
Got a 3-lb bag of limes too -- seedless at that!  Can't wait to find some new ways to use them.
Found 2 different flavors of gnocchi -- youngest son loves them!

Now this one was a REAL FIND!!!  I've already got a way to use it in mind...see below!
Perfect when you want just a little "taste of chocolate cheesecake"...but not a whole slice!  I put some on a Biscoff biscuit and it was deelish.  I bet they'd be good on a graham cracker too!  They also had a White Chocolate flavor as well...but I'm not a big fan of White Chocolate, so I passed on that one.  The Milk Chocolate flavor literally "hits the spot".

If you like frozen yogurt...this brand is awesome...and this is a flavor I haven't seen before, so I picked one up to try.
Found this at Publix tonight...hubby is going to be SO excited when he gets home...he is most definitely an "ice-cream-aholic"...we've seen this new flavor advertised and I finally found it! is that for random food finds?
They were pretty random weren't they!   :-)

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